//Thanksgiving Air Charters

Thanksgiving Air Charters

The following image below is a copy of our Thanksgiving 2015 email bulletin, wishing our clients a happy and healthy holiday season. This image below is a reproduction and the links will not function.

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Indy 500 Memorial Day 2015

Private Jet Getaways for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we all know how hectic it becomes trying to make plans for the holiday season. This process takes away from spending quality time with your family, so why not let our team help? Avoid the stresses of commercial airline travel and allow us to book your private air charter. All you should focus on is spending time with your family.
How We Can Help
The Air Charter Advisors are here to help you:
  • Fly back home to be with your family.
  • Bring out of town relatives to your celebration.
  • Reach your Thanksgiving getaway.
  • Travel to new locations to enjoy an adventure.
Check out some of the destinations we thought you may like to compliment your private flight:
New York, New York

This year enjoy The Macy’s Day parade in person from the comfort of some of the best hotels on the parade’s perimeter, The Mandarin Oriental or The Trump Tower. Both hotels offer Thanksgiving Day packages which may include Thanksgiving dining and breathtaking views of the Macy’s Day Parade…

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Put a “Penn” in the map and mark Pennsylvania as your holiday destination this Thanksgiving!

Older than the Macy’s Day Parade, this year’s Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade marks the 96th anniversary of this holiday tradition. Your family…

Read more about Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

Plymouth, Massachusetts
Enjoy an educational family festivity by visiting the historic city, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Also known as “Plimoth”-where the first Thanksgiving meal was celebrated between the Pilgrims and Native Americans…
If you want to book a Private Jet Charter for Thanksgiving 2015 let us know ASAP.
Happy Holidays from The Air Charter Advisors!
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