//Passover Easter 2014

Passover Easter 2014

The following image below is a copy of our Passover & Easter 2014 Private Jet Charter email bulletin, announcing upcoming holidays that many of our clients have requested flights for. This image below is a reproduction and the links will not function.

To view a live copy of this, please find a link at the bottom of this page.


Spring Break, Passover, and Easter are Here!

We hope the photo’s below touch a special place in your heart. Maybe they remind you of your own family spending precious time together during the holidays, and if by chance you do not celebrate either holiday, maybe the pictures remind you of a friends family who does…
Spring Break and the April holidays’ shift dates almost every year. If you have children, teens, or young adults in college; the dates for their school break may also change on a yearly basis. We thought it may be helpful for you to have the holiday dates in one place for reference. See below so you can mark your calendars:
Passover & Easter 2014

Many individuals throughout the world will be rejoicing during two great holidays during the month of April; Passover and Easter. With these holidays celebrated in the same month, April historically is one of the busiest travel months of the year.

Through these two holidays along with Spring Break, there are individuals who must travel last minute to be with their family, families traveling together to reunite with other relatives, and lots of people on vacation!

Aircraft availability is already limited during these times, so please let us know if you need a private jet charter to transport you last minute, or to bring your family together…




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