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Get a Great Deal

The biggest problem with finding a private jet charter flight is that it can be both confusing and time-consuming. How do you know if a company is reliable and safe? Does it have great customer service? How do you know which carrier will give you the best price for your specific trip without cutting corners?

Here’s an example of what can go wrong when you book your own private jet charter flight:  In order to save a very lucrative deal that has started to look a little shaky, your company has scheduled an important meeting in New York City which starts at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. You absolutely must make this meeting, and instruct your assistant to book a charter flight to New York. You make it to your flight on time, but the aircraft breaks down, leaving you stranded at your departure point. You miss the meeting, and the deal falls through, costing your company a lot of potential revenue. After investigating what went wrong, you find that your assistant simply picked a local operator without doing any research. If she had, she would have found that this company had a reputation for bad service and frequent breakdowns.

It wasn’t really the assistant’s fault. Researching…etc.

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